Cristóbal Venegas Vásquez (1989)  is an...

Cristóbal Venegas Vásquez (1989) is an independent photographer based in the city of Santiago, Chile. His vision focuses on Human Rights, migration, gender violence and environmental crises. Currently, he works as a freelance photojournalist, is available for assignments in Chile and Latin America.

His photographs have been published in national and international media such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, New York Times, El País, Times, La Stampa, La Jornada, among others.

Cristóbal has earned diploma credentials and workshops certifications for his professional enrichment, including the "international press course dictated by the France Press agency," a photography creation and dissemination workshop at the international festival of photography of the Fifth Region in the city of Rancagua, Chile. Lectures given by the Unión de Reporteros Gráficos y Camarógrafos (Union of Photojournalists and Cameraman of Chile).

First-place winner of the photo-press award in its 41st annual version in the category International Reporting and obtained an honorable mention of portraits, 2019.  Winner of an honorable mention in the press category, 2017.Selected in the top 100 of the best photographs of the year 2018 by the Associated Press gallery, his work has been listed in the best photographs by The Guardian in 2018, and interviewed and featured in Joia Magazine 2019, as well as in Ruta35latam 2019.

Awards, exhibitions and courses 

-2022: Selected as a student in academy VII, classes L1 South and Central America 2022 B, taught by Monica Allende.

-2021: "Esfoto21" Collective photographic exhibition. San Salavador,El Salvador.

-2021: Mountain training course in armed conflict zones, dictated by Riesgo Cruzado. San Salvador, El Salvador.

-2020: Collective photographic exhibition at the Cultural Center of Spain. Guatemala City.

-2020: Selected in the top 100 best photographs of 2020, by Anadolu Agency, Turkey.

-2020: Group photo exhibition "18 OCT - Estallido Social" at Galeria Stansa. Barcelona, Spain.
- 2019: Basic training course in armed conflict zones, dictated by Riesgo Cruzado. San Salvador, El Salvador.

-2019: Group Photographic Exhibition in Photo Art Gallery, About the Sociopolitical Conflict in Nicaragua, San Salvador, El Salvador.

-2019: Winner of first place in the photojournalism contest 2019, international reportage category,Santiago, Chile.

-2019: Winner of an Honorable Mention in the Photojournalism Contest 2019, Portrait Series Category,Santiago, Chile.
-2019: Group Photographic Exhibition at Estación Mapocho Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.

-2018: Selected in the top 100 best photographs of 2018, by the Associated Press.EE.UU.

-2018: Winner of an Honorable Mention in the photojournalism contest 2018, Press Category. Santiago, Chile.

-2017: Photographic exhibition at the Agustin Ross cultural center, PIchilemu ,Chile.

Cristobal Venegas photographer

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